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What should you feed your pet and what 'human' foods should your furry friend stay away from?

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  • Do High Level of Protein in Diet Cause Aggression and Kidney Failure In Pets

    Protein is one of the major component of the diet & supports your pet’s growth & development.  Protein Requirement a...
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  • What do I feed my puppy?

    Puppies need special food that meets their energy requirements. Some dog owners prepare homemade foods for their pets. But it's difficult even ...
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  • How to wean a puppy?

    ‘Weaning’ describes the changeover from one food to another, and for young puppies this is from the mother's milk to solid f...

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  • Nutritional Needs of Puppies Vs Babies

    While cooked food is ideal for you and your children, it is never enough for your dog or puppy. There are a number of differences in the nutritiona...
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  • Dry or Wet: Which is Best?

    Our dogs rely on us to make the best food choice on their behalf. But which type of puppy food or dog food is the best choice: dry or wet? ...
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  • If my dog is overweight should he diet?

    Obesity affects 40% dogs and carries with it myriad problems ranging from the minor to life threatening. If you suspect your dog is getting chubby,...
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