Start grooming your puppy at an early age. The earlier your puppy gets familiar with the basics

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  • How to bathe your dog?

    Bathing your dog can be a fun activity, not just for him, but you too. If she’s already familiar with bath time, it's only a matter of te...
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  • Cleaning your dog’s face and eyes

    Besides bath time, there are many times when a dog needs a quick clean up to keep him free of clumps, stains, dried food and other gunk. While pre-...
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  • How to trim toenails?

    Toenail trimming is an essential part of grooming as long nails can curl under and cause paw problems. You can trim the nails yourself, but it is i...
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  • How to groom a puppy?

    Grooming is a vital part of taking care of your dog. The earlier you start, the better it is as your dog gets used to it from time to time. &nb...
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  • Maintaining your dog’s shiny coat

    Just like human hair, your canine's hair continues to grow, and without attention, can become easily matted. To keep your pooch looking spiffy,...
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  • How do I cope with shedding?

    There may be a long list of things we love about our dogs, but shedding certainly isn't one of them. No matter what we do, hair somehow finds i...
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