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An ill pet can be difficult to handle. Track symptoms, spot the signs of common illnesses and get your

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  • First Aid for your pet

    When it comes to medical treatment, seconds and minutes can sometimes make a big difference towards recovery. Take a few minutes to read up on cani...
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  • How to recognise common illnesses?

    Some dogs with simple fever continue to eat and play normally, while some become lethargic and lose appetite. Therefore, regular visits to your vet...
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  • Oral care for your dog

    More than 80% of dogs show signs of periodontal disease by the age of three. The accumulation of tartar and plaque and the resulting gingivitis can...
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  • Heat Therapy for Senior Dogs

    Arthritis affects an estimated 10 million dogs, mostly seniors. A cold winter, damp weather only aggravates painful symptoms, making it harder ...
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  • Dealing with fleas and ticks

    If your dog has fleas, he may be constantly scratching and biting himself, especially along the back and around the base of the tail. Some individu...
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  • Dealing with car sickness

    Many pet parents report problems with car sickness, especially with young dogs. While research does not point to a specific breed’s inclinati...
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