How do I make my home pet-ready?

The change in a puppy’s life - leaving his natural family and moving to a completely new world - will be both exciting and stressful. Here is how you can ensure a smooth transition:

Introduce your puppy to your family
  • Introduce family members one at a time. Do not scare your new pet.
  • Children will naturally want to play with the new puppy, pick him up and pet him. Do this carefully at first.
  • He will get used to the surroundings and seek out contact as he grows.
Bedding down your puppy
  • The right puppy accessories are very important! A puppy needs a private place of his own. It could be a warm bed in a cosy corner - away from draughts, perhaps in the kitchen or living room. 
  • Puppies chew everything, so the material you use to make a bed for your puppy should not be harmful for him. You could use a cardboard carton with the front removed, as a short-term measure. Line the bottom with newspaper or a washable blanket.
  • As your dog grows, it is recommended that you buy a special, hard-vinyl dog bed. 
Are kennels needed?
  • If you do want to use a dog kennel, set it up in the spring or summer so that the puppy will gradually get used to his environment before winter.
  • The kennel should be about double the width of the adult, fully grown dog.
  • Keep the kennel dry and raised from the ground. Ideally, the roof or one of the sides should also be hinged to allow easy cleaning.
  • Use good, warm bedding within.

The Puppy Starter Checklist

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Care options for your puppy

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