How is packed dog food better than homemade dog food?

Home cooked meals, unless prepared by veterinary nutritionists, are deficient or unbalanced in nutrients required for a pet’s overall well being. Some pet parents feel homemade dog food is fresh and less processed but this does not constitute complete food for dogs. It is best to feed your pet prepared pet-food for it offers guaranteed nutrition, palatability, digestibility, safety and convenience. In addition it also offers diversity without loss of consistency and cater to specific needs of the dog and its owner. Furthermore, it is more cost-effective in the long run.
  • The nutrient requirement of dogs change depending on their lifestage and lifestyle. For example, a puppy requires a higher amount of energy, protein, calcium and phosphorus for growth.
  • An adult human male needs 2500 kcal/day while an adult dog of 65 kg needs 2520 kcal/day. While eating those 2520 calories the dog has to have a higher concentration of nutrients than humans.
  • Homemade diets may also contain contaminants and food-borne microbes if the owner is not as careful. Strict rules and regulatons ensure  that  packaged pet food  is free from microbial contaminants such as Salmonella or mycotoxins.
  • To meet the nutritional requirements of a dog, pet parents often tend to overfeed because homemade food are not governed by any canine dietary guidelines. Prepared pet-foods  always have a feeding  guide to  help the  owner  ensure  the  pet  is fed the correct amount  of calories for its life-stage and lifestyle.
  • Dogs are allergic to many foods that humans consume and sometimes, they also prove to be poisonous. Manufactured pet foods never  contain  ingredients  that  are  unsafe  for pets.  

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