Nutritional Needs of Puppies Vs Babies

While cooked food is ideal for you and your children, it is never enough for your dog or puppy. There are a number of differences in the nutritional requirements of dogs compared to us! An adult human of 65 kg needs 2990 kcal/day where as an adult dog of 65 kg needs 2520 kcal/day, but when eating those 2520 calories, your furry friend needs a higher concentration of nutrients (protein, calcium, vitamins, iron etc.) than you and hence the need for packaged dog food.
Puppies grow almost 12 times faster than babies and their nutritional requirements are almost twice that of an adult dog!
Dogs and puppies need 3-4 times more proteins than humans.
Dogs need 2.5 times more iron than humans.
Puppies need 55 times more iron than humans.
Vitamin B12
Dogs require 9 times more Vitamin B12 than humans. 
Puppies require 9 times more calcium than human babies.
Puppies require 16 times more phosphorus than human babies.

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