What goes into Pedigree® Products?

We love reading labels and so should you!
All main meal products made by Pedigree ® are specially designed to ensure they are nutritionally complete to offer healthy and enjoyable meals for dogs at every life stage and for every lifestyle. 
Meat and animal derivatives
This refers to the animal based ingredients in pet food that contain high levels of essential nutrients including various vitamins, minerals and often amino acids. For example, liver contains a sulphur amino acid called taurine, which helps to keep your dog's eyes and heart healthy.
Inorganic matter
This is a measure of the mineral content. Minerals are added during the manufacture of pet food to ensure that the recipe provides complete and balanced nutrition for your dog.
Vegetable derivatives
This describes ingredients that come from plants. They are a good source of protein, and at the right levels, they can provide benefits for dogs, e.g. beet pulp helps keep your dog's digestive system working effectively.
Cereals such as wheat, corn and rice are a source of carbohydrate. These offer your pet the energy she requires as well as fiber to promote a healthy digestive tract. Pedigree® products include vegetable derivatives and cereals to optimise the transit time of food through the gut thus allowing for the necessary absorption of nutrients.
Flavours & sugar
We do not use artificial flavours in any of our products. Low levels of natural sugars are produced during the manufacturing process of some of our products, but we do not physically add sucrose or 'table sugar' to make the food taste nicer. Dogs do not taste sugar in the way we do, so it does not make the food more palatable.
A small amount of salt in your dog's diet is essential to keep your dog metabolically healthy. We ensure that the salt in all our dog food never exceeds the recommended requirement as determined by the WALTHAM™ Centre for Pet Nutrition. Dogs do not taste salt in the way we do, so it does not make the food more palatable.
Any preservatives in our dry foods are approved as safe under EU regulations, and are there to ensure product safety during storage. Our canned and pouch products do not need preservatives as they are protected through sterilization and sealing during the production process. We always comply with legislation thus ensuring safety of our products and transparency with our consumers.


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