Your puppy’s milestones 1 – The Early Days

The first weeks
  • Beginning of the third week, a puppy's senses begin to awaken. His eyes and auditory canals open so he can communicate with his brothers and sisters for the first time.
  • At around the 21st day he'll make his first attempts at walking and barking. 
  • By the fourth week, the senses are fully developed. He will carefully observe his environment, and examine and sniff everything. 
  • At this stage, his ability to learn is great, so spend a lot of time with your puppy to help him grow up to be a sociable. 
  • He can begin to eat solid food from the fourth week on. We recommend PEDIGREE.
  • Between 8 and 12 weeks, he can move to a "human pack". The best time for the separation from mother and brothers and sisters is at 10 weeks of age.
The first months
  • If you adopt a puppy at about the 10th week, take him to the vet immediately to check health status and advice vaccinations and worming.
  • Shower a lot of loving attention to help cope with the new environment. Praise him often, however, set his boundaries with a stern "no" and begin house training.
  • Until the 16th week, your dog will need a "leader of the pack" – which is you. It is your decision what and when your dog is fed and what he is not to eat.
  • Ensure that special requirements for nutrients are met in this phase of quick growth. Give him a variety of experiences such as riding in a car, riding in a bus, an elevator, and so on.

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