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  • Is A Vegetarian Diet Healthy For Dogs?

    In India, vegetarianism is widely popular due to cultural and religious reasons. However, due to environmental and philosophical beliefs, many m...

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  • How to care for adopted indian street dog?

    If you’ve just brought home an adorable homebred indie and want to make sure you’re taking care of them in the best way possible, he...

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  • How to adopt an Indian street dog

    If you’ve made the wonderful decision to open your doors to an indie, congratulations! Your life is about to change for the better! We hop...

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  • 4 Myths About adopting an Indie

    Indian pariah dogs, desi dogs, street/stray dogs or simply indie dogs are hugely popular as they have a presence in neighbourhoods across the count...

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  • 5 Reasons Why Owning A Pet Dog Can Change Your Life For The Better

    Dogs are adorable! Their twinkling eyes, floppy ears and wagging tails are so cute, they can turn the grimmest frowns upside down. But any pet p...

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  • What You Need To Know Before Adopting An Indie

    If you've just made the life-changing decision to give an indie a happy home, kudos and congratulations! Indies check all the boxes when it ...

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