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  • Kibble Size: Why It Matters For Small Breed Dogs

    Dry kibble is a popular meal option for many pet parents, owing to the ease and convenience associated with it. Unlike perishable food, it does ...

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  • Nutritious Dog Biscuits to Keep Your Dog Healthy

    Dog treats, especially the humble yet classic dog biscuit serves as an important reward mechanism that you can use to bond with your canine frie...

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  • World Food Safety Day: 4 Reasons To Trust Pedigree Dog Food

    Every pet parent has found themselves in a predicament when it comes to feeding their pooch—is homemade food better and safer than dog food? ...
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  • Can excessive protein intake cause agression and kidney failure in dogs?

    Protein is one of the major component of the diet & supports your pet’s growth & development.  Protein Requirement a...
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  • Pedigree Dog Food: Myths vs. Facts

    #1 Animal derivatives are bad for pets

    The wild relatives of dogs (wolves) eat a prey-based diet and readily consume th...
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  • The science behind Pedigree dog food

    The nutritional requirements of a dog vary throughout its life and are governed by factors such as age, reproductive status, level of activity, ...

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