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What should you feed your pet and what 'human' foods should your furry friend stay away from?

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  • Is A Vegetarian Diet Healthy For Dogs?

    In India, vegetarianism is widely popular due to cultural and religious reasons. However, due to environmental and philosophical beliefs, many m...

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  • What You Need To Know About Puppy Nutrition: 3 Weeks To Adulthood

    When it comes to puppy nutrition, every pet parent has found themselves asking this very question—should I be feeding my pooch home-cooked...

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  • Are Dog Biscuits Really That Important For Your Pooch?

    As a pet parent, you are probably well aware of the common benefits of dog biscuits, or dog treats in general. They are an extremely effective t...

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  • 5 Essential Ingredients To Look For In Puppy Food

    Puppies tend to grow at a very rapid pace, especially in their first week. They grow so quickly that medium-sized dogs take just 9 to 10 months ...

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  • When To Switch Your Dogs Diet To Professional Dog Food

    A nutritionally balanced diet is crucial for the healthy growth and development of your pooch to prepare it for a healthy, active and happy...

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  • 5 ways wet dog food can benefit your pooch

    Is your dog a fussy eater? There’s a good chance that wet dog food will turn him over! Wet food is more like real meat and has an aroma th...

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