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6 Tips That Will Make It Easier for Your Dog to Swallow a Pill

6 Tips That Will Make It Easier for Your Dog to Swallow a Pill

For many pet parents getting their Pooches to swallow a pill could end up being a herculean task. Just like babies, they throw tantrums and act unreasonably when they do not want to do something. But there are a few tried & tested measures you can adopt to get your pet to take their medicines without making a fuss.

While the points mentioned in this article will reduce the hassle of giving your pet the medication, it must be performed only after consulting the vet.

1. Crush the tablet and mix it with food. It may dial down the overwhelming taste of the tablet. Your pooch might cherish the medicine, if mixed with a treat. 

2. Try Pedigree Gravy- you can crush the pill & add it in Gravy to disguise the taste of medicine, it would do the trick for your pups & adult dogs.

3. Sometimes it may be hard to swallow a pill. Coating the pill with cream cheese or peanut butter might help the pill slide down your pet's throat with ease. 

4. Pill pushers or pill guns are available in the market, but they must be used only under the guidance of the veterinarian.

5. Pill pockets are soft or hollow treats that have space to conceal the tablet. These treats work like magic for pets who love treats.

6. Fruit flavored pills or vitamins help children have their medicines. A similar method is often used by vets to make your pets medication taste like their favorite meat. You may check with your vet.

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