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From managing vet visits to milestones, here is how you can keep your puppy or dog healthy

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  • Diwali 2020: How to Help & Take Care of Stray Dogs?

    While Diwali might be a time of joyous festivities and celebration for you, it can be quite stressful for dogs. Loud noises, smoke and flickerin...

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  • Top 10 most active big dog breeds

    Whether huge or tiny, man’s best friends are known to be mostly active and give their pet owners a handful, often leading them to wonder if t...

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  • 7 Tips On Keeping Your Dog Healthy And Happy In The Monsoon

    The monsoon season is always much-awaited as it brings respite from the sweltering heat. But besides contributing to a dip in temperatures, gree...

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  • COVID 19 How to keep your dogs safe and entertained during lockdown

    The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought most of the world to a halt. Organisations have switched to a ‘work from home’ model to prevent...

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  • Managing Obesity in Dogs

    In the recent past, there has been a great splurge in the number of obesity cases reported in pets. Recent studies indicate that 9 out of 10 pet...

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  • Is my dog overweight?

    There's one important question about our dogs that needs answering, "Is he overweight?" Chubby or overweight dogs is not only a conce...
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