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Everything You Need To Know About Adopting An Indie

5 Ways A Pet Dog Can Change Your Life Forever

When you adopt an indie, you are saving the life of a stray and making it better by protecting them from starvation, road accidents, and poor living conditions. Learn how having a pet can change your life.

5 Myth-Busters About Indie Dogs As Pets

By adopting an Indie you are also taking a stand against shopping for precious lives. Here are a few myth-busters about indie dogs.

How To Adopt An Indie Dog In India

Learn about the process of adopting an indie from start to finish, as well as the importance of adopting from a shelter vs. the street.

6 Common Types Of Indie Breeds

Get to know about the different types of indie breeds in India and their key characteristics.

Caring For An Adopted Indie: Food, Grooming & Training

Learn how to take care of an Indie at home with these few tips.


Understand the guidelines and legal processes for the adoption and registration of your pet.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about adopting and caring for an indie dog.

Preparing To Welcome A New Indie At Home?

As your furry friend journeys from puppyhood to adulthood, they will require 360° supervision—right from nutrition and vaccinations to grooming and socialization. Refer to our care guide for adopted dogs that includes vet-approved tips for helping newly adopted dogs live strong, healthy and happy lives.

Hear From Happy Indie Parents

Ara Jayaram

A train accident victim; A disabled dog; A dog with anxiety; A dog with an unknown past; A dog with a list of special needs that will only keep growing; First time parents should get only a pure breed puppy.

Karan Deshmukh

I have always wanted a dog since I was a child, but my parents weren't on board with the idea. So I had to settle for spending all my free time feeding and playing with the strays in my neighbourhood.

Urja Joshi

In the summer of 2013, my brother and I spotted a little puppy in front of our building while playing. We made her a bed and spent our summer holiday feeding her, playing with her and taking care of her.

Vrushali Mali

On her decision of adopting a stray puppy and eventually becoming a feeder, she says, My life before the lockdown was very, very different. I used to be out of the house the entire day, either for work or to meet my friends.

Shaisa Lala

In 2018, Ivy and Brownie came into my life. They were Indie sisters adopted at my previous organisation as puppies. They got close to me as I took care of them, played with them, trained them and taught them to shake hands and give Hi5's.

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*The Pedigree team launched this initiative solely to connect people keen on becoming pet parents to indie dogs that have been put up for adoption. Pedigree does not conduct adoption formalities or take accountability for the adoptions carried out.

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