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It's your puppy or dog's first big day at home and we are sure you are excited. Before you get started

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  • How to adopt an Indian street dog

    If you’ve made the wonderful decision to open your doors to an indie, congratulations! Your life is about to change for the better! We hop...

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  • What You Need To Know Before Adopting An Indie

    If you've just made the life-changing decision to give an indie a happy home, kudos and congratulations! Indies check all the boxes when it ...

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  • How To Give Your New Puppy The Warmest Welcome

    Congratulations on bringing a new puppy home! We’re sure you are ecstatic to begin this new relationship. However, it is important that yo...

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  • World Veterinary Day: Dr. Umesh On 8 Things He Wants Every Pet Parent To Know

    Pets are known to be beneficial for both your mind and body. They adore you, follow you around, give you endless kisses and cuddles, welcome you...

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  • How do I introduce my new dog to my cat?

    If your new pooch doesn’t immediately have the run of the house, this will help your cat feel less threatened. Do keep these dog training tip...
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  • The Puppy Starter Checklist

    Just like when you bring home a baby, there are a few things you need to keep handy before your pooch arrives home.   Puppy Cr...
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