Selecting A Dog

Choosing the puppy or dog that best matches your lifestyle is one of the most important decisions

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  • 6 Common Types Of Dog Breeds In India

    Planning on bringing home an adorable indie? You couldn’t have made a better choice! Learn about six common breeds that are native to Indi...

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  • A Comprehensive Guide To Understanding Small Breed Dogs

    When looking to adopt a dog, there are plenty of factors to consider, size being the most important. While large dogs come with protective benef...

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  • How do I choose a dog breed?

    Every dog deserves a loving home and we will help you find the best match for your family!   BREED MATCH Take our...
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  • Which dog breed is right for me?

    Find the perfect dog breed or puppy breed to match your lifestyle   Pastoral group: Highly active
    • Bre...
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  • What should I watch out for while picking a dog?

    The tricky thing about puppies is that they all look incredibly cute. Choosing the right puppy or dog for your home is important – you don&rs...
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  • Questions to ask before adopting a puppy

    Before you hit the shelters or visit your local breeder, be ready to find out everything you can about your potential housemate. Here is a list of ...
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