The Early Days

It's best to get your new puppy at a time when you can offer him your company and undivided attention

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  • Know your puppy’s milestones – Part 2

    The adult dog

    • A male has finished puberty when he starts to lift his leg to urinate. A female will ...

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  • Your puppy’s first day at home

    This is a big move for your puppy! So do ensure you have all the time you can spare to be wit...
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  • Know your puppy’s milestones - Part 1

    Do explore our handy life stages guide of a puppy so you'll know what to expect as you go along! The length of this phase will depend on the si...
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  • How do I pick the right kennel for my dog?

    If you're thinking of buying a dog kennel or doghouse, but are unsure how to go about it, here are a few tips to get you started.   ...
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  • Does my pet need a dog bed?

    Your puppy needs to feel like an accepted member of the family, and having his own home within your home will help him feel secure and comfortable....
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