Why Pedigree

We work hard to develop products that will help keep your dog happy and healthy. We've spent the last 60 years developing a range of dog food that gives your dog the variety he wants and loves, along with just the right balance of vitamins, fibre and protein he needs – at every stage of life.

Prepared Pet Food Vs Home Food

Dogs have different nutritional requirements from humans and the food you eat might be harmful to your pet! Home cooked meals, unless prepared by veterinary nutritionists, lack in the basic nutrients required for the healthy growth and development of your pet. Prepared pet foods, on the other hand, offer guaranteed nutrition, palatability, digestibility, safety and convenience. In addition they also offer diversity without loss of consistency and offer better value for money than home cooked food.

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Science & Research

We work closely with the experts at the WALTHAM™ Centre for Pet Nutrition to develop great quality, nutritious food that your dog will love. Here, fundamental pet-focused research, supporting Pedigree®, delivers scientific breakthroughs in the areas of pet nutrition, health, well-being and behaviour.

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6 Weeks to the Five Signs of Good Health

All Pedigree® dry and wet complete main meal food is 100% nutritionally complete and balanced. Developed by veterinary nutritionists and experts, our pet food is designed to provide the nutrients your dog needs, and in addition, contain ingredients to support the five signs of good health.

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Explore Variety and Flavours

Pedigree® Wet

100% complete and balanced, our wet foods contain less calories per gram than the average dry food, and so can help maintain a healthy bodyweight. They also contain more moisture versus dry food, which is good for urinary tract health.

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Pedigree® Dry

100% complete and balanced, Pedigree Dry has fibre to help support good digestive health and the individual 'kibbles' of food help to sustain good oral health.

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Pedigree® Oral Care

Pedigree® DentaStix® is scientifically proven to reduce tartar by up to 80% when fed as part of a regular oral care regime.

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Pedigree® Professional

Did you know 40% of dogs are obese? Delivering expert nutrition for adult dogs prone to becoming overweight, the Pedigree® Professional Range of Weight Management offers 20% less fat per meal among other features.

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Pedigree® Treats

Pedigree® Treats offer a responsible way to bond with your dog and train them. But do keep in mind, only 10% of your dog's daily calories should come from treats and other foods that aren't 100% complete.

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Setting the Highest Standards

At Pedigree® we know it is vital that our dog food smells as fresh and appetising to dogs as possible. We only use the best quality approved ingredients to ensure our products are not only healthy but also very appealing to dogs. All our raw materials are sourced from approved suppliers and our factories are independently inspected to the same standard as those used to produce human food.
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    Feeding & Nutrition®

    A nutritionally balanced diet is crucial for the healthy growth and development of your puppy or dog in order to prepare him/her for an active, long, and healthy life.

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    Health & Grooming

    From grooming to general well-being, at Pedigree® we answer all your common puppy and dog related queries.

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