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  • Is getting another dog for my dog a good idea ?

    Are you hoping to cure a behavioral issue with your dog? Many dog owners hope that a canine companion will help their dog cope...
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  • When Your Older Dog Gets Too Clingy?

    Your once-independent doggie is suddenly acting attention-starved and won't leave your side. What to do?   First,...
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  • What Your Dog Yawning Really Means?

    In the language of dogs, the yawn is often used as a calming signal. It's a way of saying, I've had enough and my patience is running out. ...
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  • Stopping Older Dogs from Growling at Strangers

    This behaviour is not uncommon with aging dogs. In many cases, it's an early sign of senility. Put another way, he may be becoming a grumpy old...
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  • Do Dogs Dream?

    You've probably seen it happen—your sleeping dog suddenly lets out a woof as his legs begin to twitch. Is he dreaming?   Man...
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  • Reading your Dog’s Body Language

    Your pooch will use his or her mouth, eyes, ears, and even the tail to express emotions. By reading the combination of body signals, you should be ...
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