Pedigree Delicious & Healthy Treats For Dogs Pedigree Delicious & Healthy Treats For Dogs
Omega 3 Rich Fish Oil

Omega 3 to help
with fitness

Vitamin E for Natural Defenses

Vitamin E to support
natural defences

Calcium For Strong Bones ">

Calcium to help
strengthen bones

 No artificial colours or flavours

No artificial colours
or flavours

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Pedigree Rodeo Duos Chicken And Bacon Flavour

Pedigree Rodeo & Rodeo Duos

Tasty twists with a deliciously chewy texture.

Less than 5% fat

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Pedigree Tasty Minis

Pedigree Tasty Minis

Succulent, bite-sized chewy cube treats.

Less than 12 kcal per treat

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Pedigree Jumbone Mini Chicken And Lamb Flavour

Pedigree Jumbone Mini

A treat that cleverly combines a tough and chewy outer layer with a succulent, tasty centre.

Less than 5% fat/100 g

*Not suitable for dogs under 4 kgs or puppies under 9 months

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Are these treats healthy for dogs? Treats are healthy for dogs as long as they are being fed according to the given guidelines mentioned on the packaging. Moreover, these treats contain Omega 3, Vitamin E, Calcium and are free from artificial colours or flavours.

Which of these treats are suitable for adult dogs? Rodeo, Rodeo Duos, Tasty Minis Adult and Jumbone Mini are suitable for adult dogs that weigh 4 kgs and more.

Which of these treats are suitable for puppies? Pedigree Tasty Minis Puppy - Chicken Flavour is suitable for puppies aged 4 - 18 months. These treats are specially designed with calcium to help support the growth of strong teeth and bones.

Which breeds are these treats suitable for? These treats are suitable for all small, medium and large breeds.

Can I use these treats as a meal replacement instead of wet or dry dog food? No, these treats are designed as complementary snacks and cannot be used as meal replacements as they are not complete and balanced in nutrition like Pedigree main meal products. You should feed your dog these treats based on its weight by following the feeding instructions mentioned at the back of each pack.