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VItamin E to support natural defences


DHA to enhance brain function


Calcium and Phosphorus to strengthen their bones

Fibre to support digestive health

Puppy Dry Food
Puppy Wet Food
Mother & Baby Dog
Puppy Treats

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Puppy Care Guide

As your furry friend journeys from puppyhood to adulthood, they will require 360° supervision—right from nutrition and vaccinations to grooming and socialisation. Refer to our puppy care guide that includes vet-approved tips for helping new puppies live strong, healthy and happy lives.

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Growth Tracker

Track your pup’s growth and development from 3 weeks to 12 months of age


The pitter-patter of tiny pawsGrowing up and howGetting bigger, better and strongerNot a little pup anymore
3 weeks - 1.5 months1.5 months - 4 months4 months - 8 months8 months - 12 months
✓ Recognises mother and human caregivers✓ Ready for training✓ Small breeds achieve sexual maturity by 7-9 months✓ You can consider spaying/neutering
✓ Can touch and taste✓ Can start socialising with dogs and other humans✓ Medium to large breeds reach about half their adult height by 6-9 months✓ They can participate in more outdoor activities
✓ Can transition to starter food as they start biting or chewing ✓ Appetite increases✓ Toy breeds will compete their growth✓ You can thoroughly proof and establish obedience skills taught earlier

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