Small Breed Dog Food by pedigree Small Breed Dog Food by pedigree

Why do small dogs need specially made food?

specially made food

Feed your energetic little pooch right with Pedigree Small Dog

  • Correctly proportioned kibble that fits in their mouth
  • Promotes proper chewing and swallowing
  • Higher nutrient density
  • Specially designed kibble that cleans teeth
  • Supports teeth and gum health

Pedigree Small Dog is available in both puppy and adult variants.

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Pedigree Puppy Small Dog - Lamb Flavour

Pedigree Puppy Small Dog - Lamb Flavour

Small kibble puppy food enriched with milk for small breed puppies aged 3-12 months.

DHA 23 Vitamins & Minerals
Extra Protein* Calcium

Available in a 1.2 kg and 3 kg pack.

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*As compared to Pedigree Chicken and Milk

Pedigree Puppy Adult Dog - Lamb Flavour

Pedigree Adult Small Dog - Lamb Flavour

Small kibble dog food with added vegetables for small breed dogs aged 1-7 years.

Quality Protein Oral Health
Omega 6

Available in a 1.2 kg and 3 kg pack.

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Which dogs are considered small dogs? Dogs that weigh between 5 to 15 kgs are classified as small dogs.

Can dogs of all sizes be fed Pedigree Small Dog? Pedigree Small Dog is recommended for toy breeds (< 5 kgs), small breeds (5-15 kgs) and medium breeds (15-25 kgs).

Is dry kibble good for small dogs? Small dogs are more susceptible to gum diseases. The crunch from dry kibble helps clean their teeth to support teeth and gum health.

Why Pedigree Puppy Small Dog? Pedigree Puppy Small Dog contains DHA to support brain development, calcium to support healthy teeth and gums, extra protein for energy and muscle development, 23 vitamins and minerals to support healthy metabolism and Vitamin E to help support natural defense.

Why Pedigree Adult Small Dog? Pedigree Adult Small Dog contains quality protein to help support healthy muscles and keep dogs active and agile. It also contains Omega 6, Linoleic acid, Omega Fatty Acids and Zinc to support healthy skin and coat.