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If only dogs could read your mind and obey! Read on to see how you can get to know your pet

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  • How to Understand a Dog's Body Language

    On some days, it seems as though dogs are mind readers. When we're upset or excited about going for a walk, they nuzzle us. On some days, th...

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  • 4 Myths About adopting an Indie

    Indian pariah dogs, desi dogs, street/stray dogs or simply indie dogs are hugely popular as they have a presence in neighbourhoods across the count...

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  • How To Use Treats For Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

    Remember the times your doctor handed you a sweet if you took your shot without causing a ruckus? Or when your parents finally got you the toy y...

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  • Friendship Day 2020: 4 Ways To Celebrate With Your Furry Friend

    Dogs play so many important roles in our lives, whether it’s being a stress-reliever, a  bodyguard or even a motivating workout partner....
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  • Understanding your pet better

    No matter how much we wished that we could have a conversation with our little tail-wagging friend, that day isn’t anywhere and until then, w...
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  • When Your Older Dog Gets Too Clingy

    Your once-independent doggie is suddenly acting attention-starved and won't leave your side. What to do?   First,...
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