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What Are the Signs of a Shy Dog?

What Are the Signs of a Shy Dog?

Many dogs, and in particular adopted dogs, experience shyness due to certain experiences in their past, such as being mistreated and abused. 

Shyness is a common personality trait in dogs that move from owner to owner frequently in their lifetime. Dogs look to their owners to be the 'alpha dog' of their 'pack,' and to guide them safely into new and stimulating situations. Whatever the reason behind your dog's shyness, correcting it is a process that requires a lot of love and patience.

Spot the signs

Some signs of a chronically timid dog are obvious, others can be subtle. Here are some cues to look for:

  • Retreating to another room or a far corner of the space you both occupy
  • Ears folded flat against the head
  • Tail tucked between legs
  • Refusal to make eye contact
  • Crouching
  • Inappropriate urination
  • Quick and noticeable panting

Follow our tips to see how you can help your shy dog to socialise.


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