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Can I feed Indie dogs?

Yes, you can feed Indie dogs, but make sure you are consistent in doing so. When you quit feeding them all of a sudden, Indie dogs, especially younger puppies, become clueless about how to get food as they grow dependent on you.

Do Indie dogs carry diseases?

Do Indie dogs undergo surgery before adoption?

What food do Indie dogs eat?

Is it mandatory to get an Indie dog neutered before adopting?

Where to take Indie dogs for check-ups?


Can Indie dogs be crate trained?

Yes, they can be crate trained. It might take time but, with patience, love and care. It is possible.

Can Indie dogs be potty trained?


Can Indie dogs be trained?

Yes, they can be trained with regular practice. You can even hire reputed dog trainers to train them.

Do Indie dogs attack humans?

What are the different Indian Indie dog breeds?

Are Indie dogs aggressive?

Are Indie dogs good with kids?  

Do indie dogs make good pets?


Is it okay to adopt a stray dog?

Getting a dog is one of the best things you could do, but adopting a stray dog is the cherry on top of the cake; your dog will love you, and you will love yourself to add up your bit for humanity and to save a life.

How to adopt a stray?

Why should you adopt a stray?

Why should you adopt a stray dog from a shelter?

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