Dog Food Ingredients and Nutritional Value

All types of dog food made by PEDIGREE® are specially designed to ensure they are nutritionally balanced and complete to offer healthy and enjoyable meals for dogs at every life stage and for every lifestyle.​

At the PEDIGREE® Brand, everything we do is for the love of dogs.

That's why we develop recipes based on research from the Waltham Petcare Science Institute. Our dry recipes provide professional nutrition to address the Four Universal Needs of Dogs. 

Professional Nutrition

All PEDIGREE® recipes are created with quality ingredients and formulated for professional nutrition to bring out your dog’s best.

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Our Ingredients

At PEDIGREE® Brand, we welcome label readers because it’s important for you to know what you’re feeding your dog. But knowing what the ingredients are is not the same thing as knowing their nutritional value and how they help your dog. So let’s take a look at some of the good stuff we use in our recipes.


Cereal & Cereal Products

Main Purpose: Carbohydrates and Fiber Source
Nutritional Benefit: Provides Energy, Vegetable Proteins, Some Vitamins and Minerals. Fibrer support digestive health

Meat Product

Main Purpose: Source of Amino Acids, Calcium, and Phosphorus
Nutritional Benefit: Protein supports muscle health. Also provides Fats, Energy

Soya Oil

Main Purpose: Source of Omega 6 Fatty Acids
Nutritional Benefit: Omega 6 fatty acide supports skin and coat health. Contributes to energy


Main Purpose: Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Nutritional Benefit: Helps support vision and brain development in Puppies


Isolated Soya Protein

Main Purpose: Source of Protein
Nutritional Benefit: Supports muscle health

MOS (Mannan-Oligosaccharides)

Main Purpose: Source of Non-Digestible Carbohydrates- Prebiotic
Nutritional Benefit: MOS as a prebiotic plays a role in the health of the gastrointestinal tract by supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria and contributing to overall digestive health


Main Purpose: Glucosamine is a compound found in the cartilage
Nutritional Benefit: It plays a crucial role in joint health

Colostrum Powder

Main Purpose: Source of nutrients for Digestive Health and Immune System
Nutritional Benefit: Supports Digestive Health, Immune Function