For sixty years, the Waltham Petcare Science Institute (Waltham) has led the world in advanced pet care research to improve the lives of pets through science, in support of our Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS™.             
As Mars Petcare’s science centre, Waltham is uniquely positioned to analyse information on the behaviour, health and genetics of pets around the world through our nutrition, health and pet service businesses. We also collect data from the pets housed at our 100+ acre site, and we do so following our WALTHAM™ caring science approach.             

Our ongoing investment into pet care and well-being provides better and more relevant science. We have developed a unique way of working that stimulates innovative solutions to research problems.

Due to our comprehensive understanding of the dietary needs of different breeds, we are uniquely qualified to develop nutritionally advanced pet diets.

The trust of WALTHAM Petcare Science Institute

At WALTHAM, it is believed that with data, knowledge, and insights, they can find new ways to improve the health and well-being of pets around the world.

Mars Petcare’s Science Institute is uniquely positioned to analyse information on the behaviour, health, and genetics of pets around the world through their nutrition, health, and pet service businesses.

The institute works with Mars Petcare and PEDIGREE® with its heritage and knowledge trove spanning across 60 years. Click here to know more about the heritage and history of WALTHAM.

Selecting the ideal diet for your pet is of paramount importance and thus choosing a dog food brand that has research behind it is crucial. Not just any dog food, though! Pedigree has been specialising in dog food for up to 80 years and is supported by the knowledgeable minds at the WALTHAM Petcare Science Institute, makes it the ideal choice for your dog.

Smart Science

With the MARS PETCARE BIOBANK, WALTHAM scientists will have the opportunity to connect biological samples of thousands of pets to their health, lifestyle, behaviour, and genetic data. This can help them understand the markers of health and disease and find new ways to advance individualised care for pets. They also collect data from the pets housed at our 100+ acre site, and do so following their WALTHAM™ Caring Science approach. 

Expertly Tailored Nutrition

To determine each dog's specific needs, WALTHAM experts examine a variety of breeds. PEDIGREE® offers a recipe that is ideal for any size, be it a gigantic Golden Retriever or even a Chihuahua.

Moreover, concerns about your dog's digestive issues or dull coat are now easier to manage as PEDIGREE® and WALTHAM together develop formulae that are light on the stomach and make your dog’s coat look shinier. This is owing to the Omega 6 & Zinc in PEDIGREE® Dog food, that helps maintain a shinier skin and coat.

Palatability Tests

Attributed to the culinary skills of PEDIGREE and WALTHAM, our food is designed to make your dog drool over its taste. This is ensured by conducting palatability studies to make sure every bite of PEDIGREE® Dry food tastes delicious and continually serves the nutritional requirements required for good health.

Trusted Research

The WALTHAMTM seal appears on PEDIGREE® packs as quality assurance. The trust of WALTHAM reflects in the number of publications in peer reviewed journals, contributing to better nutrition and health for pets, which in turn gets incorporated in our products. With over 60 years of experience studying dog nutrition, you can be certain that your dog is receiving great nutrition.

The Nutrition Legacy

PEDIGREE® is built around its two foundations of quality and innovation in science. For 61 years, WALTHAM has been diligently working on researching nutritional requirements of dogs. It's a partnership that goes above conventional dog food nutrition to co-create an excellent level of PEDIGREE® nutrition.

PEDIGREE® and WALTHAM together craft an experience that delights your dog's taste buds and boosts their overall health. Whether it's PEDIGREE® Puppy Chicken and Milk with DHA for Puppies or PEDIGREE® Adult Chicken & Veg, each variety is meticulously prepared to deliver 100% complete & balanced nutrition.

What is the impact of this collaboration? A great inventory of dog food recipes, listed in PEDIGREE® Dry food range, that are jam-packed with 37 vital nutrients. When you can provide your dog with the quality of PEDIGREE® and the expertise of WALTHAM, why settle for anything less?

You can check our downloadable resources to learn about pets' nutritional and wellbeing requirements . Know more