PEDIGREE® Club opens the door to a world of exciting opportunities for your dog. Join our vibrant community, connect with experts to address your dog-related concerns, and be on the lookout for our upcoming on-ground events, including dog festivals in your city, as well as live webinars where essential topics are discussed. Don't forget to explore our diverse range of pet food options to discover the ideal nourishment for your cherished companion.

We Love Dogs As much as you do!

The Why’s and How’s of pet parenting are constantly evolving. Do you wish to give your dog the best life possible? Here’s everything you’ll need to know about Dog Food, Dog Health, and Dog Parenting, all supported by science. Access expert advice that’ll help guide you through dog parenthood. Join this club for fun training tips, nutrition & diet, caregiving, grooming, and exciting offers on PEDIGREE® products. Give your best friend the best life.

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