Friendship Day 2020: 4 Ways to Celebrate With Your Furry Friend

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Dogs play so many important roles in our lives, whether it’s being a stress-reliever, a  bodyguard or even a motivating workout partner. They have the unique ability to sense when their hooman is down, they’re extremely protective and they encourage exercise and play. But if we had to pick one that makes them extraordinarily special… it would be the fact that they are faithful friends. Dogs have always managed to prove that they are truly man’s best friend, from being a delightful companion to many and even using their senses like sniffing, guiding and hearing to assist people who need help.

This year, stepping out to meet with friends might seem like a distant reality. However, there’s no reason you can’t celebrate Friendship Day 2020 with your most loyal pal… your pooch! Your pooch has stuck by your side through ups and downs, welcomed you with the warmest greetings and has never based its love on judgement. Here are four ways you can say ‘thank you’ and celebrate the day...

Plan a grooming session

For this, you will need to pick a grooming procedure that your dog enjoys. Most commonly, it is gentle brushing. Brushing is known to strengthen the bond between pet and owner and can be very relaxing for dogs. It also benefits their skin and coat by distributing natural oils across their body. Make sure to refrain from carrying out a grooming procedure that is uncomfortable or one that your pooch isn’t particularly fond of, like clipping nails.

Organise a treat hunt

Treat hunts are a lot of fun for dogs as they combine two of their favourite activities—sniffing around and munching on treats! Make sure your pooch is distracted and hide a few treats in different corners of your house. This game can get even more interesting if you hide the treats in different rooms. If your pooch isn’t used to this game, you may have to guide it to the first few hiding spots. Once it figures out that it must hunt, it’s going to be a jolly time for both you and your pooch!

Make a DIY toy

What’s better than surprising your pooch with a present on Friendship Day? And luckily, this one won’t burn a hole in your pocket. All you need is a clean, long sock and a tennis ball. Begin by tying a knot at the end of the sock, leave some space (a few inches) and tie another knot. Once you reach the centre, insert the tennis ball and carry on tying knots with spaces in between. You can either leave it as a straight line or tie both ends up to form a circular toy. You can even replicate this without the tennis ball, using just the knots. Your pooch is going to love chewing on this!

Pamper with a massage

The pet spa is currently off-limits, but you can still pamper your pooch with a massage! The best time to do it is once it has been exercised or is about to take a nap. Start by petting your dog gently all over its body and make sure to talk softly so it remains calm. Then you can massage your dog’s neck, shoulders and back in small circular motions. If it allows, you can also massage its legs, however, keep a very light hand when you reach the paw pads. This should be a reactive massage—observe your pooch carefully as you move along its body so that you can focus on areas that feel good. Make sure to maintain a gentle hand and don’t exceed beyond 10-15 minutes. The outcome? One relaxed pupper!

Take this day to cherish and celebrate the bond you share with your canine friend! And if you’re up for it, you could also extend the celebration to the stray dogs in your neighbourhood. Whether it’s starting a new friendship with a belly rub or feeding the stray dogs that are already your friends… Friendship Day 2020 can be dedicated to the furry friends in your life.

Happy Friendship Day to you and your pooch!

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