Are Dog Biscuits Really That Important for Your Pooch?

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As a pet parent, you are probably well aware of the common benefits of dog biscuits, or dog treats in general. They are an extremely effective tool that can be used for positive reinforcement training, and they are also a great way for you to showcase your love and affection. Because dogs are social animals, they benefit from the social aspect of treating—which is the act of sharing from pet parent to pooch. That’s why, when used correctly, dog biscuits are very effective at strengthening the bond between dogs and their owners.

However, there’s more to dog biscuits than most pet parents think! The right kind of dog biscuit offers benefits that go beyond being an aid for training and bonding. Some of them are mentioned below...

They make for a healthy snack in between meals

Dog biscuits are essentially a dietary ‘pick-me-up’, similar to the snacks we eat in between meals. A delightfully crunchy treat like Pedigree Biscrok Biscuits is key to keeping dogs active and energetic throughout the day. In fact, Biscrok Biscuits can actually meet 10% of your dog’s daily energy requirement.

They can supplement your pooch's diet

While inappropriate treats (snacks or food meant for humans) can cause severe health issues, the right treats (designed specially for dogs) can actually supplement your pet’s diet. Biscrok Biscuits are enriched with the goodness of protein and are also a great source of calcium, which makes them the ideal treat that can meet your dog’s daily nutritional requirements.

They can help ease your dog in a new/uncomfortable situation

Dog biscuits are also helpful if you are trying to condition your dog to a new location or an uncomfortable situation. For instance, at the veterinarians clinic, the grooming salon or at home if your pooch has curled up in fear of a visitor. Treating your pooch to dog biscuits in these situations can teach them to associate these locations or situations with something positive.

They can be used for mentally stimulating games

It is very important to provide mental stimulation for your pets, and dog biscuits can definitely help with this. You could use dog biscuits with puzzle toys, interactive toys and treat-dispensing toys. You could also go the DIY route and engage your pooch in a sniffing game of ‘Guess Which Hand’, ‘Guess Which Cup’ or a simple treasure hunt in the house, wherein you hide the biscuit in one of your hands, under one of three cups, or in hard-to-reach places in your home. These games make dogs work for their treat by getting them to sniff and point it out, which is a highly interactive and stimulating way to keep dogs busy.

Therefore, treats like dog biscuits are important for your furry friend because they can help with positive association, training, engagement, and can even support long-term health.

When it comes to picking the right kind, make sure that they are bite-sized and crunchy dog biscuits that contain protein. If you’re looking to treat your pooch to something new, Biscrok is now available in an all-new Lamb Flavour in addition to the classics—Chicken Flavour and Chicken and Milk Flavour. While this lip-smacking variant might be hard for your pooch to resist, it is important to treat responsibly. Always check the back of the pack for feeding guidelines or check in with your veterinarian for the same. Remember to treat and reward your dog only for behaviour that you condone and not for naughty behaviour like jumping, barking or begging at the dinner table.

Note: Biscrok Biscuits are ideal for all dogs above 4 months

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