Dog Treats: The Dos and Don’ts for Every Situation

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Dog treats serve as an important reward mechanism that you can use to bond with your canine friend, especially in its early days. Besides bonding, dog treats are also effective when used while training your pup, sneaking in prescribed medication or simply keeping them occupied when you are away. Dog treats are also helpful when you are trying to familiarise your dog to a new location; handing them their favourite treat and showering them with affection generally helps put them at ease. However, just like your dog’s diet, it is also very important to pay attention to the types of treats you use. Feeding your dog human food, even in small amounts as treats can be toxic and detrimental to its health. To ensure you are using the safest treating practices, refer to the list of dos and don’ts given below...

While training a puppy

Don’t: Use biscuits meant for humans or leftover pieces of meat

Do: Pick a dog treat that is made especially for puppies, like Pedigree Tasty Minis Puppy - Chicken Flavour. These succulent, bite-sized treats are soft and chewy which make them ideal for training. They are also specially designed with calcium to help support the growth of strong teeth and bones. In case you are training a dog, Tasty Minis are also available for adult dogs in Chicken & Duck flavour.

While rewarding irresistible 'puppy eyes'

Don’t: Give your pooch table scraps or leftovers from your plate

Do: Pick a special dog treat like a chewy stick that has less than 5% fat per 100 g such as Pedigree Rodeo or Pedigree Rodeo Duos. Rodeo - Chicken Flavour and Rodeo Duos - Chicken & Bacon Flavour are tasty, twisty sticks that are full of succulent flavour and perfect for rewarding. Dogs have a tendency to use ‘puppy eyes’ when they want something, especially when their humans are snacking or eating. When this happens, it is totally okay to reward your dog, but make sure to stay away from human food and use a treat that is meant for dogs.

When you leave home for a little while

Don’t: Give your furball cooked or processed animal bones

Do: Pick a long-lasting treat like Pedigree Jumbone Mini that cleverly combines a tough, chewy outer layer with a succulent, meaty centre. If you have to leave your dog home alone, it is advisable to give them a treat they can chew on for a while to keep them occupied and alleviate boredom. However, make sure to stay away from cooked or processed animal bones as the splinters can cause choking and can even hurt your dog’s mouth, throat or intestines.

Treating is always a positive experience, for both dogs that get to enjoy a snack and the pet parents that get to witness their excitement. And Pedigree’s all-new range of Positive Treats has only made treating better! The range includes Tasty Minis Puppy, Tasty Minis Adult, Rodeo, Rodeo Duos and Jumbone Mini. All of them contain Omega 3 to help with fitness, Vitamin E to support natural defences and minerals like calcium to help strengthen bones. These treats are also free from artificial colours and flavours.

So next time you want to reward your furry friend, pick a delicious treat that will get them wagging!

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