Nutritious Dog Biscuits to Keep Your Dog Healthy

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Dog treats, especially the humble yet classic dog biscuit serves as an important reward mechanism that you can use to bond with your canine friend. A dog biscuit is also effective when used to train your pooch, provide mental stimulation or even help familiarise it to a new location. Besides this, dog biscuits can also supplement your dog’s diet to provide energy and nutrition in between meals. However, the trick lies in choosing dog biscuits with the right ingredients. Here’s why a healthy dog treat like the all-new Pedigree Biscrok Biscuits make for an integral part of your pooch’s diet…

Packed with healthy ingredients

Biscrok Biscuits are bone-shaped dog treats that are made with dog-friendly ingredients like chicken, iodised salt and soyabean oil. These biscuits make for an ideal dog treat that’s meant to add some crunch to your pooch’s diet along with a healthy dose of calcium and protein.

Nutritionally balanced

Biscrok Biscuits are packed with fortified vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids. Each biscuit provides 15% crude protein, 7% crude fat and 5% crude fibre. All of these components are essential for your pet’s growth, health and well-being.

Help keep the fur coat healthy

Dog treats like Biscrok Biscuits that contain omega fatty acids can be very beneficial for your dog’s coat. Omega fatty acids help nourish the skin and keep their fur coats healthy. These dog biscuits are also beneficial for dogs that suffer from dry and flaky skin.

Promote muscle and bone health

Protein-rich dog biscuits come with a host of benefits for your dog—right from supporting healthy muscles to being an important source of energy. Calcium is another mineral that proves to be essential for dogs. Dog biscuits that are a source of calcium also support tooth as well as bone health.

Besides having health benefits, dog treats also come handy when you want to indulge your little furball during playtime or simply because he’s been a good boy. To maintain their benefits, it is also important to keep these treats fresh for your pooch. Dog biscuits, when stored incorrectly, tend to lose freshness and crunch. Pedigree's Biscrok Biscuits now come in a Biscrok Jar in 2 flavours i.e. Chicken & Chicken and Milk.

Got a pup that’s older than four months? We’re sure it’ll love and gobble up these biscuits!

Note: Biscrok Biscuits are recommended for all dog breeds and life stages over four months of age.

* Biscrok jar comes as a limited period offer

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