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Know Your Puppy’s Milestones – Part 2

Know your puppy’s milestones – Part 2

The adult dog

  • A male has finished puberty when he starts to lift his leg to urinate. A female will be out of puberty when she goes into heat for the first time; this may happen between the seventh and eighth month, but may take up to one year.

  • After her first heat, her diet should be changed to that of an adult. You can feed her PEDIGREE® in many different types and flavours.

The senior dog

  • Different breeds of dog are considered senior at different ages. It may also depend on the individual dog. The process of aging will begin slowly and nearly imperceptibly. 

  • Your dog will become less active, his metabolism will slow down, and he might put on weight. Change his diet and give him smaller portions two to three times daily. 

  • Your dog might need a special diet, which you can get from your veterinarian.

  • In general, the first signs of old age will appear between the eighth and tenth year. The head and muzzle might become grey, and he may experience a loss of sight and hearing.

  • Your senior dog will still love to play - even if his fitness level has somewhat declined. 

  • If he has some little house training 'accidents', he'll be quite embarrassed. So it's best not to scold him.

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