10 Dog Training Dos and Don’ts

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To help make training easier for you, here's a list of Top 10 Training Do's and Don'ts:


  • Focus on your dog. Bring him into your world by understanding his instincts and natural behaviours.
  • Be honest. Never fool him into doing what you want or tease him with commands you teach.
  • Begin each command with the end in sight. Reward him lavishly—but only when she completes the task you've set.
  • Be consistent. Always use the same words for desired behaviours and the same tone of voice.
  • Think ahead. Anticipate your dog's actions before she moves.
  • Reward immediately. 
  • Teach one command at a time. 
  • Be patient. Allow enough time for your pooch to take in your command and then act. 
  • Enjoy yourself. Play with your dog before and after each training session.
  • Be kind. A poorly trained dog is the fault of the trainer, not the dog.


  • Don't allow others to pamper him any more than you. You're the de facto alpha dog in your home pack—and he must look to you for leadership.
  • Don't finish a training session on a bad note. Remain positive and praise him for progress.
  • Don't punish him while you're angry. 
  • Don't lose your temper. 
  • Don't chase him. The idea is to make him come to you.
  • Don't deceive. Never shower him with praise to bring him to you and then punish him because he's been naughty.
  • Don't repeat. Be patient, but don't overuse commands. 
  • Don't discipline for disobedience, unless you're certain that he understood the command you gave. Discipline and punishment are two very different things.
  • Don't reward your dog for a given behaviour, then, later admonish him for the same behaviour. Consistency is crucial.
  • Don't allow anybody else to command.

If your efforts are unsuccessful, then talk to a professional trainer.

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