Common Puppy Behavior

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Often new pet parents feel unsure about how their puppy is acting. Do follow our positive reinforcement tips below when you feel your pooch is getting a bit out of hand - 

My puppy is shaking/crying at night. Is it normal?

Yes, it is normal. He could be scared after all he is in a new place with new people! Keep your puppy's crate or bed in your bedroom for the first few nights if he won't stop crying.

Barking, barking, and more barking! What do I do?

Yes, though some breeds bark more than others. He may be bored, happy or scared. Try to listen to him to figure out the reasons behind his behavior before trying to train him not to bark. In the meantime, give him a stimulating toy to keep him occupied if he's bored. Do click here to get more tips on curbing excessive barking.

How do I control howling?

Pet dogs regard their owners as a substitute family and some can become distressed when left alone. If you are away for a long period, try to arrange for someone to come in and let him into the garden, leave plenty of food and water and check the sleeping place is at the right temperature. Gradually expose your pet to the stimulus that triggers howling and reward quiet behavior with praise, toys, or treats. If your dog is defending his territory, try blocking visual/hearing access to intruders on or near territory. Get more tips on controlling howling and barking here.

She is biting just about everything.

It is normal for puppies to be "mouthie".  Most chewing behavior is seen in young puppies due to their strong desire to explore. As dogs mature, this desire decreases and they are less likely to be destructive. This type of behaviour may start after a change in the dog's routine or as a result of boredom. Often the dog does not know what it can and cannot chew, unless they are shown or told. Know more about this common behaviour here.

My puppy is a fussy eater

Your puppy may fear new food or he finds the food unpalatable or simply he may be a fussy eater. Some dogs may refuse food / skip meals, when they have consumed more energy then they would require (which is common in our experience). Small breeds are generally fussy eaters. Please make sure that you are not overfeeding your dog and monitor his/her body weight at least every two weeks. Do explore the Pedigree® range of delicious products that are designed to keep your pet healthy and happy!

"Mating" the legs of family members 

This is not a sign of mislead sexual behaviour, but a sign of dominance. Such behaviour should be met with a determined "no!" If it occurs more often, you should demonstrate your dominance to the dog by laying him on his side. Start these measures early – and your puppy will grow up to be a charming and well-behaved dog!

My puppy is scared of children

Some children may unintentionally provoke or hurt a dog  which could lead to dangerous results. Make sure your kids understand that if they make quick or sudden movements around the dog, or make loud noises, it could excite the dog and possibly result in aggressive behaviour. Do ensure children do not bother the dog while he’s eating. Most importantly, make sure your children understand that all dogs are different. While some love cuddling others are not as friendly! Click here to learn how to socialise your puppy.

My puppy loves jumping on people

He's probably excited and trying to be affectionate. Do follow our tips here on teaching your dog how to sit and follow simple commands.

My puppy goes to the bathroom inside. Is that normal?

Yes. He's got a small bladder and bowel and may not have complete control yet. Take your puppy out as often as possible, and praise and reward him when he performs. Though accidents can happen for young puppies, don't scold him instead try to train him to urinate and defecate on command. As he performs, add words you choose, such as 'be quick' or 'busy.' Your dog will then build up an association of the word with the action. Do follow our tips on potty training here.

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