Dog Treats: How to Pick the Right Kind for Training Sessions

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When it comes to dog treats, there are plenty to choose from, and they all have different uses. For example, certain dog treats are designed to support dental health, while others are made to last longer to keep dogs occupied. However, to effectively influence your dog’s behaviour, a soft treat works best. Picking the right dog treat to reward your dog during training sessions can make all the difference in how successful these sessions will be.

The best kind of dog treats for training are soft, small and chewy like Pedigree Tasty Bites. Tasty Bites is an all-new range of dog treats that come in two formats, Chewy Cubes—Lamb Flavour and Chewy Bones—Smoked Chicken Flavour. Chewy Bones are even suitable for puppies over 4 months old, which means you can get started on dog training early! But besides being soft, chewy and delicious, here’s what you need to look out for when picking a dog treat for training sessions…

They should be suitable for all breeds and sizes 

Make sure to pick treats that are suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. This ensures that there are no ingredients used that can trigger a reaction to your pooch, no matter its breed. If in the rare case your dog is allergic to a specific ingredient, you can check the ingredient list to ensure the dog treat is safe.

They should be bite-sized 

When training your dog, you want it focussed on the training session and not the dog teat. Giving your dog a large, long-lasting treat will automatically cause it to lose interest and shift its focus towards enjoying the treat. Therefore, you should pick a bite-sized treat that it can finish soon, so you can get back to teaching the next behaviour or trick.

They should be high on protein and low in fat 

Training a dog usually involves many sessions that can last for a couple of weeks. While you do reduce the number of treats you give towards the end, you do not want to feed your pooch rich, high-fat dog treats during the course. Therefore, opt for treats that are high on protein and low in fat to avoid weight gain.

They should be enriched with nutrients 

Although dogs get their nutrition from main meals, treats that are made with the goodness of meat and nutrients like vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 can be beneficial when given in between meals.

They should be safe 

Always make sure to pick dog treats that do not contain artificial flavour or colouring to make sure it is absolutely safe for your pooch.

They should be convenient to carry 

Lastly, pick a treat that comes in an easy, convenient and resclosable package. It should be handy to carry around when you are training your dog in a different location, away from home.

The Pedigree Tasty Bites range of dog treats not only tick all the above boxes for training, but they also make for ideal treats if you want to reward or simply pamper your fur baby. However, to avoid the risk of overfeeding, it is recommended that you follow the feeding instructions mentioned at the back of the pack. And remember, dog treats are a snack and cannot be used as a replacement for main meals.

Happy training and happy treating!

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