How to Potty Train a Puppy?

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Now that you've brought him home, here are some basic tips to stop him soiling your house.

  • Closely supervise your dog indoors. Confine him to a small area or exercise pen during house training if you can’t be with him. Continue this until he has gone at least 4-8 weeks without any accidents.
  • Always accompany him outside to eliminate.
  • Take him out frequently, especially after eating, sleeping, and play activities.
  • Immediately reward outdoor elimination with praise and treats.
  • Provide an area for elimination that is protected from rain and bad weather.
  • If you catch him eliminating inside, startle him with a loud noise and immediately take him outside to finish. Then, once again, reward your dog immediately.
  • Clean soiled inside areas with enzymatic cleaners. You need to remove the smell.
  • Don't punish when he slips up. Reward good behaviour
  • You could also consider litterbox training if you do not have immediate access to open spaces. Read about it here.

Seriously consider puppy kindergarten and training classes. They will help teach him basic commands and that you are the alpha, or top, dog in the household. They also provide positive interaction between you and your dog. Your veterinarian may be able to recommend someone who could train your dog in your area. Be sure to choose someone who uses reward- or clicker-based training.


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