The Science Behind Pedigree Dog Food

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The nutritional requirements of a dog vary throughout its life and are governed by factors such as age, reproductive status, level of activity, state of health and environmental conditions. It is important to give your pet the required amount (and correct balance) of energy and essential nutrients that can only be found in good quality pet food as home food often lacks in vital nutrients.

Indeed, it is important to know what you're feeding your dog. But knowing what the ingredients are is not the same thing as knowing their nutritional value and how they help your dog. So let's take a look at some of the good stuff we use in our pet food -

IngredientMain PurposeNutritional BenefitNeeds Addressed

Ground Whole Corn


Essential amino acids, carbohydrate source, linoleic acid, fiberSource of energy, lean musclesSkin, coat and digestion
Meat and Bone MealConcentrated essential amino acids, calcium & phosphorousLean muscles, strong teeth & bonesOral care
Corn Gluten MealConcentrated essential amino acids, antioxidants, linoleic acidBuild, maintain & repair tissue, immune system, healthy skin & coatSkin, coat and immunity.
Animal FatSource of linoleic acid, fat sourceSource of energy, healthy skin & coatSkin and coat
Ground Whole WheatCarbohydrate sourceSource of energy and fiberDigestion

Chicken By-Product Meal


Concentrated essential amino acids, glucosamine & chondroitin, antioxidantsLean muscle, immune system, bone & joint healthImmunity
Beet PulpSoluble fiber sourceAdded for digestionDigestion
Vegetable OilSource of linoleic acidHealthy skin & shiny coatSkin and Coat
Brewers RiceCarbohydrates & fiberEnergy source, aids proper digestionDigestion

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