Puppy Milestones Part 1: Early Days

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The first weeks

  • Beginning of the third week, a puppy's senses begin to awaken. Its eyes and auditory canals open so it can communicate with its brothers and sisters for the first time.
  • At around the 21st day, it'll make its first attempts at walking and barking.
  • By the fourth week, the senses are fully developed. It will carefully observe its environment, and examine and sniff everything.
  • At this stage, its ability to learn is great, so spend a lot of time with your puppy to help him/her grow up to be sociable.
  • It can begin to eat solid food from the fourth week onwards. At this point, it is still with its mum, and hence we recommend specialised and professional food that can be given to both the lactating mother as well as the pup. Pedigree Pro Mother & Pup Starter is ideal for pregnant or lactating mothers as well as pups who are 3-12 weeks old. It provides expert nutrition for both mothers and pups. For mothers, it provides the energy to supply milk and Probiotics (MOS) to ensure digestive health. Pups have delicate immune systems and hence Colostrum and MOS are added to boost their immunity. It also contains essential nutrients needed by pups for their growth potential as pups gain 5-10% of body weight each day in their first 12 weeks.
  • Between 8 and 12 weeks, it can move to a "human pack".

The first months

  • If you adopt a puppy at about the 10th week, take him to the vet immediately to check health status and advice vaccinations and worming.
  • Shower a lot of loving attention to help cope with the new environment. Praise him often, however, set his boundaries with a stern "no" and begin house training.
  • Until the 16th week, your dog will need a "leader of the pack" – which is you. It is your decision what and when your dog is fed and what he is not to eat.
  • Ensure that special requirements for nutrients are met in this phase of quick growth. Give him a variety of experiences such as riding in a car, riding in a bus, an elevator, and so on.

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