5 Reasons Why Owning a Pet Dog Can Change Your Life for the Better

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Dogs are adorable! Their twinkling eyes, floppy ears and wagging tails are so cute, they can turn the grimmest frowns upside down. But any pet parent will tell you that dogs have so much more to offer than just their heartwarming features and endearing antics. So if you’re planning on adopting a dog, here are five reasons why we wholeheartedly support your decision…

#1 Pet dogs encourage you to exercise

Dogs are energetic and need to be exercised daily. Parenting a pet dog means taking time out every day to fit in playtime, walks or even runs with your dog. Frequent movement, as you know, is very beneficial for your health. And many pet parents even vouch for the fact that dogs are better than trainers when it comes to encouraging them to put on their shoes and head out for a brisk walk. No one can resist puppy eyes!

#2 Dogs require you to establish and stick to a routine

Dogs thrive on routines. Once they know when to expect their meals, playtime, grooming and walks, their bodies begin to work like clocks. And they’ll be sure to remind you in case you’ve missed the deadline for a meal/walk. Therefore, in establishing a routine for your pooch, you will also establish one for yourself. This will help you to stay focused, productive and in control of your day.

#3 Pet parenting inculcates a sense of responsibility

Once you’ve brought home a four-legged friend, you become their sole caregiver. Whether it’s their meals, baths, walks or even routine vet visits—they depend on you for everything. If you live with a family, it becomes a shared responsibility. This is especially beneficial for children who learn to be responsible and empathetic towards their pets.

#4 Dogs can uplift your mood on not-so-lovely days

You’ll find a plethora of videos on the internet showcasing how dogs try to comfort their hoomans when they are having a particularly rough day. That’s because dogs are known to pick up on human emotions—whether it is sadness, distress or even happiness. A few doggy kisses and a warm cuddle can instantly brighten a dull day. That’s probably why dogs do so well as therapy pets.

#5 You'll always be welcomed home with love

You’ll often hear pet parents say that the best part of their day is returning home to be greeted by their furry companions. Having a pet means having a loyal companion that loves you just as much as you love them, if not more! So if you’re keen on adopting a dog, get set to be welcomed in a grand manner every time you return home. Yes, even if you step out only for 30 minutes!

If any of these reasons have inspired you to bring home your new best friend, we highly recommend adopting an indie. You could check out our adoption initiative where you will find more information on indie dogs, contacts of NGOs and shelters in your city as well as a detailed indie dog care guide. Because when you adopt an indie, not only are you saving a life, you are also taking a stand against breeding for profit and shopping for precious lives.

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