Top 10 Most Active Big Dog Breeds

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Whether huge or tiny, man’s best friends are known to be mostly active and give their pet owners a handful, often leading them to wonder if they are taking the dog for a walk or if the dog is walking them.

That being said, when it comes to the nuts and bolts of it all, which one of the big breeds is actually the most active?

Here are 10 most active big dog breeds, in no particular order, who can give any professional athlete a run for their money!

1. Labrador Retrievers

It’s no wonder that one of the most common breeds to be found when it comes to professional activities such as policing and airport patrol is also one of the most active ones. These high stake jobs do require a breed which can handle the heat, figuratively speaking.

2. German Shepherds

Apart from the fact that just like our previous entry and a few to come later on, these dogs come with an activity in their name, they are also known to be a top choice when it comes to jobs which require a high level of fitness and trainability.

3. Border Collies

These handsome good boys are not only known for their cinematic appearances due to their good looks but are also considered to be one of the most active breeds.

They were initially bred to herd cattle all day and can endure a long day of running around in circles.

4. Dalmatians

These spotted dogs which are synonymous with the number 101 and cause a surge of nostalgia in anyone who sees them, are one of the fittest dog breeds and were bred to be used as guardians that followed horse-drawn carriages on long journeys.

5. Siberian Huskies

Known to endure harsh climates, these dogs are renowned as sled dogs used in snowy tundra regions.

They are extremely intelligent and work well within packs.

6. Australian Shepherd

Also known as ‘Aussies’, these dogs are another breed which was originally bred to serve as help on farms which translates to a very active dog which needs vigorous exercise on a daily basis.

7. Doberman

As elegant looking as they come, these majestic dogs don’t just bark the bark, but also walk the walk so shall we say, ‘run’!

Highly energetic, this big black dog breed requires at least as much exercise as an Olympian on a daily basis.

8. Great Danes

With Great Danes comes great amounts of exercise.

Scooby doo might have made this giant dog breed famous for munching food, but they also need a lot of activity to be able to lead a healthy life. No wonder Scooby was always hungry.

9. Greyhound

When you’re mainly known for one thing and that thing is racing, is it any wonder that these slender canines are one of the most active breeds?

A popular bus company from America also named themselves after this breed so as to be synonymous with speed.

10. Golden Retrievers

When we put an activity as the name of a dog breed, we aren’t really messing around. This is very apparent when it comes to the golden boy who is often portrayed as a poster child for good health and activity even when it comes to talking about dogs in general. 

Man’s best friend might just be man’s healthiest friend too, at least when it comes to these 10 large dog breeds but their daily activity and varying energy levels also means that they need food which suits their active needs.

Packed with the goodness of ingredients such as rice, chicken, soya oil, etc. Pedigree PRO Expert Nutrition is made for active adult large dog and puppy large breeds to keep them agile and alert.

Keeping these healthy dogs happy means the world to us and any large breed dog owners out there.

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