What Should I Watch Out for While Picking a Dog?

pet image

The tricky thing about puppies is that they all look incredibly cute. Choosing the right puppy or dog for your home is important – you don’t want to end up taking them all home!

It’s important to make sure that you get a puppy/dog from a reputable breeder or rescue centre that can provide full transparency of the puppy’s history, parents, and breeding conditions.

When choosing a puppy or dog, check it over thoroughly. You should look for  

  •  A generally robust look – Not much fatter or much thinner than the rest of the litter
  •  A sleek, shiny coat – With no red patches or sores
  •  Pink, clean-smelling ears and gums and no bad breath 
  •  A clean and dry bottom – with no signs of diarrhoea, discharge or irritation

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