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How to Prepare for My Dog’s First Flight

How to prepare for my dog's first flight

Before making your booking make sure the airline does not have any restrictions that will inhibit you from traveling with your pet. 

  • Make sure you visit a vet before traveling and make sure your dog or puppy is as fit and healthy as possible to withstand the journey. 
  • Give him/her a light meal about two hours before travel. 
  • Select a carrying container (Transport Crate) that is well-ventilated, roomy enough for your dog or puppy to move around, safe and have adequate food and water for the trip, with easily refillable containers for a long journey.
  • It is advisable to have a leak proof bottom in the crate, that is covered with plenty of absorbent material. Put a familiar-smelling cushion or rug in the container to help your pet settle.  
  • Let your pet 'try out' the carrying container or crate before the trip.  
  • Give your pooch the opportunity to go to the toilet before he/she is put in its carrying container. 
  • If  your dog looks very anxious/nervous, your vet may advise mild sedatives/travel sickness pills that help them to settle comfortably  during travel. 



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